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    Running into an issue with Verichat and I was wondering if others are having the same problem.

    My Online Buddy List is not displaying all of the buddies that are actually online. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any known solves.

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    I'm not having that problem with Verichat, but I am having a problem. I, repeatedly, logon to Verichat and switch to another app or shove the phone in my pocket. About 5 to 10 minutes later I see (from my PC client) that I've been logged off of AIM. This never used to happen with the 300. Not sure if it's a hardware or Verichat issue.

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    I'm a new Treo 600 owner, and new Verichat user. What I've noticed is that it's sometimes slow to load a buddy list, and the boxes may not refresh dynamically.

    Wait a few seconds, then collapse and expand the Online box - you might find more users in there after you do that. At least, that's what works for me!

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    Or you can try Chatter... ;-)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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