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    Hi, I'm new to Palm OS in general and just got a Treo 600.
    As a longtime Psion user I was expecting some kind of document reader or editor to be pre-installed. While it appears to have come with Documents to go lite, this appears to only want to read documents I recieve by email. What I really need is something that will read documents in formats like txt as a minimum, but HTML and other formats like Word, PDF etc would be a nice bonus. The built in browser doesn't want to point to documents in the SD card, which is a bit of a bummer.

    The question is which app works best for viewing and editing various document formats? There appear to be loads freeware apps, but I wondered if anyone knew which worked best with the Treo 600?
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    Check out this thread. It should give you a good idea.

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    For writing on a palm there is nothing better than Blue Nomad's WordSmith. While I would love a generalized document reader that would replace palm reader, mobipocket, etc... for base documents and for writing nothing is more intuitive and easy to use than WordSmith.
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    I bought Wordsmith for my Clie, still works on the Treo. Nice app.

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