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    My current cellular carrier (Midwest Wireless) whom I use for my business, just upgraded their network to CDMA 1.0x. The problem is, is that they do not offer the Treo 600 as one of "their phones."

    My questions are these:

    1. Should, theoretically, this phone be able to work on the existing network.

    2. Is it possible to get a CDMA Treo 600 without a predesignated carrier (non-sprint) so that I may use it with my existing service?

    PS I have already talked to my current carrier....they said it should work, but since they have no experience with the phone, they cannot give me a definite answer.

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    Voice will work fine, but don't count on data services. Their 1x network would have to have the same login processes as Sprint's, which is usually unlikely.

    All you need is the MSL, which can be bought off of disgruntled Sprint employess for around $10 (no, I'm not one of them). - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage

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