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    Has anyone figured out a way to backup the SMS's on the treo either to Outlook (pref. outlook notes) or someother program?
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    maxText does this.

    Otherwise use pdb convertor to open the pdb.
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    I have written a small program to backup (or archive, as you prefer) the SMS messages of the Treo to a Eudora folder. I think that, once it is fully tested, I could sell it for $4 or something like that. In the meanwhile I don't even know how to build in a decent licensing system (one that is not immediately cracked), and I should first buy a decent installer (like InstallShield). If anyone can give me advice on licensing and installer, it is welcome, and it will certainly shorten the so-called time-to-market (I forgot: I work in C++ on Windows). I am sorry that I won't give it away for free, but I don't have a stable job, so...
    The site is , where Tresmart is "franglais": très smart - and stands for TREo SMs ARchiving Tool.

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