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    Ok ... so, where is the BT SD card for the Treo? I returned a Tungsten C months ago because Palm said they had no plans to support their own SD BT card with OS 5. I thought that was ridiculous. Any signs of this happening with the Treo? Once my Treo has BT I will stop using my T616 for ever.

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    Toshiba makes a BT SD card (available on eBay around ~$60) but it says only works on Pocket PC. And there is the Palm BT Card:

    There still seem to be no T600 drivers from what I can gather...
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    I think the drivers are being released in a ROM update from Handspring at the end of this year.
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    Hey Voidus, where'd you get that info from?

    Would like to verify it before I get all excited...
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    Yeh - if we can get this clarified, I am off to buy one if it can be -this is the one thing thats holding me back.

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    Any word on Bluetooth card???

    Anywhere anyone!

    Got $$.. will buy!
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    And of course now that there's a bluetooth keyboard, just one more reason!
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    I havn't researched this...but is there an aftermarket car stereo out there with BT built in?

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