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    it looks like the thumboard is useless in SIM Book:
    you can use arrow down and up to scroll by page down/up, but there is no way to select the single names, scroll by names and use the buttons on the bottom (dial, message, add and delete) without using the stylus.

    looking by letters doesn't work either.

    what am i missing here?
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    ok, reply from palmOne (formerly Handspring) Technical Support:

    "[...] We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We understand that you are unable
    to use the 5-way navigation control with the SIM Book application and would
    like to know if the [sic]

    The issue that you are experiencing is an application specific issue. This
    is not a flaw in your Treo 600, this application was not designed to work
    with the 5-way navigation button.

    This application has been designed to work only with the stylus. [...]"

    well, the answer i was waiting for... but i'm not any happier now
    this is no third party app!!!

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