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    Unfortunately the industry is geared towards gaining new customers, and not keeping existing customers happy. In my experience with GTE, Cingular, and ATT - after a few years of being a customer with each, I asked for a discount on a new phone. The cell phone companies will basically give away a phone to a new customer, but would only give a $50 discount to existing customers.

    I'm hoping that the new number portability changes their attitudes. Only time will tell...
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    You know, in Basic Business 101, we learn that it's MUCH more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to keep and satisfy an exiting customer.

    I hope you're right that number portability will change a lot of attitudes with these carriers.
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    I went by the Sprint store here in Catheral City. The regional manager said they could do either the Amazon or the Sprint discount but not both... I will have to order off amazons website.
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