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    I want to use bluetooth with my treo600!

    I tried to install the palm SD Bluetooth card but the card don't work. Always when the installation of the card is finished I have to reset the treo and then the palmlogo is displayed and that was it. The treo don't start again.
    I also tried the driverupdate from palmone but I had the same result.

    Knows anybody a sdbluetooth card which works, but I need a card for data and voice?!

    Sorry of my bad english!

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    Originally posted by
    I want to use bluetooth with my treo600!
    Join the club with the rest of us!

    From PalmOne Support Knowledge Library:

    "Solution ID: 23466

    "Information on compatibility of the Palm(tm) Bluetooth(r) Card with Palm OS(r) 5 handhelds

    "The Palm(tm) Bluetooth(r) Card will not work with any Palm OS(r) 5 handhelds. "
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