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    I know the echo problem has been discussed on this board, but I can't seem to find it now..even after a search. I know echo can depend on a lot of factors...the phone, the network, the phone on the other end of the network, etc.

    I have a Rev B Cingular GSM Treo 600. It seems that EVERY time I make a call, the person on the other end hears a terrible echo. This happens when I call another mobile AND when I call a land line. Sometimes the echo goes away after a few seconds...almost like there's a "training" period for the phone to sync up correctly. Other times, the echo never goes away. It happens in both regular mode and speakerphone mode.

    Have any Sprint users experience this problem? Is it isolated to just a few GSM units...or maybe GSM units on Cingular's network?

    I really wanted to the GSM version...but if the Sprint version has fewer call issues...I'll consider going with Sprint.

    I'm guessing this issue is not new to Handspring. I did a search on their site for "echo" and found discussions about how to improve call quality with respect to echo. They also have a few patches on there site (...for the older Treo units, NOT the 600) that in their words:

    "Some customers have reported that echo cancellation seems to improve when they install one of our upgrades:
    Treo GPRS Upgrade (for Treo 180, 180g and 270)
    Treo 300 Updater 1.0.1 (for Treo 300)"

    I just wanted to ping the rest of you in an attept to determine if this is a GSM Treo 600 problem, an over all Treo 600 problem, a Cingular problem, or just a problem with several...but not all GSM Treo 600's.

    Thanks...and sorry for the long post.
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    I know there's got to be some Sprint users out there with some input on this....

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    I haven't noticed any echo on the CDMA version. However I have noticed (pretty sure this has been discussed) that when you use the headset control button to answer a call, there is about a 3 second delay where you'll talk and the other person can't hear you. Sorry I couldn't have been of more help.
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    I have experienced an echo on occasion, but its usually when Im in a fringe Sprint area, and it acts almost like im transmitting on one tower, and receiving on another, so when I speak, there is about a one second delay till I hear it on the ear piece. Its happend on all of my sprint phones from time to time, but never anything like what your experiencing.
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    Nope, none. I have had my T600 on Sprint a little over a month now. No echo ever. Not only that but when my company sold GSM, back in the Powertel days, that was one of the reasons I never took a GSM phone even though they were the only carrier to offer us an employee plan, because EVERY phone I used from them had an echo. We also used to get an inordinate amount of customer complaints about it. I'm sure they've improved over the years, but still. I've said it before and I'll say it again...two cans and a string would be better than GSM in my personal opinion. Don't be sad guy, number porting is just 3 hours and change away!
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    Thanks to those who replied. If I continue to hear good things about the CDMA version, I will return the Cingular GSM version (...still well within my 15 days) and cancel my upgrade order from Handspring (...yes, I had a secong one on the way). I hope (fingers crossed) that Handspring will understand and allow me to purchase the CDMA version at the discount piece. After all, I originally passed upgrading on the Sprint version so that I could get the GSM version. Now the Sprint upgrade window has passed.

    Thanks again for the replies. Other who read this...please feel free to continue posting your experiences....CDMA T600 or GSM T600....I would like to hear both.
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    I have 3 GSM T600s and none of them have echo using TMO sims
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    I have two GSM Treo 600 that I've used on T-Mobile and I haven't noted any echo problems so far. I've been using one for about two weeks and the other for about a week.
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    So far, the only GSM Treo 600 users that have responded are TMO users and they do not report the echo problem. Are Cingular users care to comment?

    I got an email from Handspring support stating:

    Thank you for again contacting palmOne (formerly Handspring) Technical

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We understand that the person on
    the other end reports an echo during a conversation.

    We are escalating your issue to our second level support team. A Product
    Specialist will be assigned to your case. The case number for your escalated
    case is in the subject of this email.

    The Product Specialist assigned to your case will reply to your issue within
    one business day.

    Thank you,

    PalmOne Technical Support

    I'll see what they have to say.
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    How broad of a location have you used your phone in? Do you have another Cingular phone you can try in the same spot? It is possible that the handset is causing the echo, but it is also possible that it is a problem on Cingular's network. A bad peice of equipment in the network's switch can cause an echo, but it will usually be isolated to one cell site, or a small group of cell sites. The echo going away is probably the echo cancellors in the vocoders, but usually they react fast enough you never notice. If the problem happens everywhere, and you have traveled around alot, I would try and test a different handset. If the problem is geographically isolated, I would call Cingular's customer service. It is as simple as putting your SIM in a different phone to determine if it is an issue with your Treo or the network. I know that if you call T-Mobile customer service with a specific problem at a specific location, all issues that are not billing or handset related get automatically assigned to a local engineer to investigate.
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    I live in So Cal and no echo here with Cingular wiht the 600, I but I have had mine for only five days. But have used it extensively.

    Last year we experienced bad echo when ATT were first putting in their GSM lines. I called Cingular about it repeatedly and finally it went away.

    I am sending my phone back anyway.

    I have gone back and forth on this and it comes down to this:

    No, I am not sending it back because the camera is lousy.
    No, I am not sending it back because of the screen resolution.
    No, i am not sending it back because there is no voice recorder or voice dialing.
    No, I am not sending it back because again, like the my 180, 270 the 600 sound quality is not that great.
    No, I am not sending it back because of Bluetooth.
    No, I am not sending it back because it does not have, nor can it be upgraded to the EDGE.
    No, I am not sending it back because of buggy resets that have plagued every handspring phone I have owned.
    No, I am not sending it back because my MMS doesn't work and I have ping ponged between handspring and Cingular three times each trying to solve it. Each blaming the other company.

    I am sending it back because of all those things combined. We all know handspring/Palm or someone else will have something better in 6 months and I can live with my 270 for a while longer.

    Early adopter techy goes mainstream.
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    I've had the Treo 600 for 2 weeks. I have GSM/AT&T and the echo is the single biggest problem.

    AT&T denied anyone else had complained about this. They suggested reducing the volume on my call adn that improved it a bit.

    I've had 2-3 calls where there was NO echo but the majority of calls have had an echo and it is unacceptable. AT&T said I could exchange it but it sounds endemic to the network.

    Since Sprint/CDMA has a flat payment option for data that's another attractive feature since streaming radio from the net is costing me an arm and a leg.
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    I don't notice an echo in my GSM unit (on ATT), and nobody on the other end of a call has complained either. Similarly, no shrieking noises have been reported.
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    Originally posted by bullydaddy
    Have any Sprint users experience this problem? Is it isolated to just a few GSM units...or maybe GSM units on Cingular's network?
    I just upgraded from a Treo 300 to a Treo 600 (both on Sprint). Almost everyone I talk to has mentioned that they can hear me quite a bit better now.

    I called the person who's using my old 300 now, and it sounded fine to me. I haven't swapped phones with anyone yet to hear what my 600 sounds like for myself.

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