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    Does anyone know why Sprint is the the only carrier to have the Carbon colored Treo? Did they pay more $$$$$ to Handspring or something?

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    Orange's is carbon as well.
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    Because we're special ?

    It's actually kind of funny. Some Sprint users are complaining that they want the silver version and some non-Sprint users are complaining they want the carbon fiber version.

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    I'm happy with the color! I think it looks cool yet classy. My 300 looks ****-ugly now. I'd like to see it in Metalic Blue...or fiery red... what's next? Treo 900? I heard something about a Treo620? This phone kicks major ****!
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    Before I got the tree 600 i was mad that we didnt get Chrome. Now that I have mine I couldnt be happier. this is a really awesome color. i think that only those who have only seen pictures would prefer chrome. the pics really dont do it justice. same with the 300 vs the 270. 300 had the much nicer silver instead of the ugly grey.

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