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    I've been using a digital FM modulator, along with the HS headphone adaptor, to play music and audio books through the speakers in my car. The bonus is that along with this functionality, I get hands-free phone calls The speaker on the phone works just fine for outgoing calls; in fact, those I've spoken with can't tell the difference between this mode and the higher-quality HS headphones.

    Reception is fantastic in the NYC area, and there's a choice of 6 frequencies for your fm tuner.

    The unit I purchased, in my view, is superior to comparably priced analog sets. Moreover, an AC adaptor isn't needed, since battery life is 150+ hours. So all I need to remove from my car in the parking garage is a 3" square box.

    I purchased through an ebay store called pdaandcellularaccessories. They have a 'buy it now' for $45; You can also find it by doing a search for 'wirelessfm transmitter.' The retail distributor, sells it for $79.
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    Does this mean anyone driving within 150 ft of you could listen to half your phone call?
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    Theoretically, I suppose. The frequencies are on the uppermost end of the dial, and don't correspond to stations (in NY, anyway).
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    True, but it would show up when they scan or something, right? In the NYC area wouldn't that be, oh, about 7,000 of your closest friends j/k.
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    just to clarify, you plug the headphone jack on the treo into the linex box, and the microphone on the treo still picks up your voice and the person on the other end comes out of the car speakers?
    you said outgoing calls only? what happens on incoming calls?>

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    You can also use the iRock BeamIt for only $29...
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    As far as I can see, BeamIt is analog, not digital.

    The LineX unit is plugged into the Treo using the HS headset adaptor. The hands-free feature works for both incoming and outgoing calls. (You even hear the phone ring over the car speakers )

    And yes, the mike on the Treo picks up my voice clearly, with the phone in the console between the two seats.
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    I'm a happy irock owner. I went and checked out the specs on this Line-X transmitter that you have, and on paper it sounds pretty cool. I the three main things I like about this over the irock is the 150 ft range as opposed to the irock's 30 ft, the 150 hours battery life, and the sleek design. Since the range and battery life is theoretical and you actually have the device to use, I'd like to know your opinion on actual battery life and transmitting range. Does it live up to the manufacturer's claims, or is battery life much less or transmitting range never really go as far? What I like about the irock is the option to use the cigarette lighter for power so I never have to worry about batteries. But I'd like to have the long range to transmitt music to my friends following in other cars if we're ever on a road trip with a bunch of people.
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    Originally posted by neill
    I've been using a digital FM modulator,

    No, actually, you've been using an analog FM modulator. There is no such thing as digital FM radio.

    The only "digital" product is the USB model for laptops, which is digital only up to that device, at which point it is converted to analog FM.
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    From the site:

    Introducing two of our newest digital marvels. Our USB and Portable Wireless PLL FM transmitters will make your mobile listening a breeze.
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    They can say what they want, but they can't change the analog nature of every FM car radio in the world.

    Maybe they meant this (from

    "7 available digitally-tuned transmitting frequencies"

    But a quick read of this (from the Ebay auction) spells it out:

    "Very simple, this transmitter looks to the Windows* or MAC* operating system as a pair of USB speakers. The digital audio is streamed over the USB link into the transmitter and then converted to analog audio for transmission once it gets to the transmitter!"

    In other words... It's analog.
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    I guess what the original poster is saying about the treo- (rather than about specific brands of accessories) is that the microphone is strong enough to pick up the person speaking in a car even when the phone is not on speakerphone mode.

    Couple this feature with any of several methods of getting the sound of the treo out of the cars speakers and you have a workable carphone solution.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $are$ $3$ $ways$ $to$ $achive$ $that$

    1. treo plug -> Cassette type adaptor

    2. treo plug or one of those clip on microphones -> FM broadcaster (with the problem of securirty)

    3. Plugging the phone into the AUX input on the car sterio.

    I guess the only major problem I see with any of thse is you need to set the treo to ring loudly when a plug is connected as you may not actually be listening to the TREO at the time the call arives. I often listen to a CD or news on radio in the car and cannot see myself constantly 'tuned' to the MP3 player no matter how good it is!. I imagine that means when the phone rings a quick lunge towards the stereo to select AUX/CD/FM chanel where the phone is connecfted is required.

    Not a major fault especially if it saves shelling out for $$$ for a real car set.

    Having said that I wonder how the native features of the speaker phone works in a car environment? given that this thread sugestes the microphone works fine with no additional H/W I would have thought I could just kill my radio and engage speakerphone (can that be set on all the time?) and voila zero cost car kit (My local dealer is throwing in a car charger to make the exorbitant price in Australian pesos seem reasonable).

    Now just need to decide whichcase to get so that it will fit a vehicle mount of some sort. Cant have my new toy skating around under the seat now can I.

    (Still waiting for GSM release is Australia so the above is 98% conjecture and 2% guess!)


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    bump - interested in any replies
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    Ok so I have the T600 GSM in Australia now.....
    Came with a car charger.

    Case on the way from Spain.

    Ill go to the local flea market and buy one of those phone mounts for car vents. that accepts with the button on the back of the case for belt clips.

    Just need to find some sort of software to enable a "CAR" profile which should add auto answer (2 rings and then connected) and auto-speakerphone for all calls.

    Ideally this would detect a car power charger (is it detectably different by the device from the wall power charger) and would automatically enable the "CAR PROFILE" but if it has to be manually selected that would be ok.

    Anyone aware of such software?
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    BTW, I recently received my FM modulator. This thing is great! The sound quality is excellent using the Treo and Pocket Tunes. I even converted my mp3's to .ogg files at lower bitrates and they still sound near cd quality. Not to mention the handsfree phone capabilities! This is becoming my favorite accessory!
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    Originally posted by neill
    From the site:

    Introducing two of our newest digital marvels. Our USB and Portable Wireless PLL FM transmitters will make your mobile listening a breeze.

    The tuning is digital- PLL stands for Phased Lock Loop. Rather than using convential parts (coils, etc) they use a chip to generate the transmitter signal. but the signal is analog ie a sine wave. the digital part comes in because you change the tranmitter discrite steps PLUS the upside is a PLL drifts FAR less than conventional components...those Fm modulaters that use convential componets have to be retuned whenever you first start up your car. PLL's have been around for years...CB radios began to use them around 1976.. I used to reprogram them when I was a kid to make the radio go out of band.
    They used straight binary coding and some used BCD coding. HTH's


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