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    or does Blazer just suck?? I bought it (which really drives me crazy - I prefer a trial period to see if I really want it), but went from the forum's suggestion. It is not any faster than the regular web setting (I'm so sure I'm saying this wrong - I don't know the lingo). Anyway, I htink it takes LONGER with Blazer.

    Am I doing something wrong, or does anyone else agree??
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    Yeah it the forums and load webpro instead...
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    I have Webpro V on my Tungsten W. Can I load that to Treo 600?
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    I've installed it and had it bomb my T600 (Sprint). Couldn't get a variety of Apps to recognize it either. 5-way doesn't work with it either.....Overall just had a feeling that this browser wasn't meant for T600 yet.

    more thoughts?
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    After having used both, I think Blazer is better than Web Pro.

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