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    I just read an message on the Bluetooth-Mac mailing list stating that there is no conduit in the included 600 software for synching Treo 600 photos with a Macintosh computer.

    Can anyone verify this?


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    I can't verify this as I don't have my Treo 600 yet, but Splash photo works wonders (There is a conduit for splash photo)

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    Originally posted by acurrie
    I just read an message on the Bluetooth-Mac mailing list stating that there is no conduit in the included 600 software for synching Treo 600 photos with a Macintosh computer.
    Yes, the conduit doesn't sync photos.
    So, I simply select all, copy them to my SD card, then pop the SD card into the reader on my Mac, and the pics all load into iPhoto. Easy enough.

    Ideal would be a sync with iPhoto, but we'd need to have a special album (say, the one named "Palm") that automatically syncs via HotSync (because obviously you don't want all of iPhoto syncing with your phone). And a conduit that doesn't sync with iPhoto would be useless... I don't want pics going anywhere on my Mac other than iPhoto.

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    Missing Sync for PalmOS ( ) will easily export your iPhoto photos to the Treo 600 but I don't think it will import any photos from the Treo camera if that is what you are looking for.
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    Originally posted by bcaslis
    Missing Sync for PalmOS ( ) will easily export your iPhoto photos to the Treo 600 but I don't think it will import any photos from the Treo camera if that is what you are looking for.

    That's exactly what I seek, so I guess it's SD reader and drag-n-drop for we Mac users.
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    I have heard that it is possible through Hotsyncing. I don't have my Treo yet so I haven't been able to play around with it.

    Worse case, I have to buy a $15 SD reader. I think it will be worth it
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    i am currently working on an applescript that would import pictures taken from the Treo into iPhoto via SD card mounting with missing sync. I am have run into some problems however with the scripting side of iPhoto. It seems you can't really script the import ptocess. I did complete a script that automatically moves the pictures from the Treo's mounted SD card, moves them to a folder called Tre600 in the Pictures folder and then removes the pictures from the treo and ejects the SD card. I think this would work for those using a SD card reader as well (so long as when the SD mounts it shows up in your finder as "NO_NAME"). If you want this script send me an email and I will send it to you. I will keep working on the script for iPhoto and hopefully make some results. my email is: skulleader26 at mac dot com (exploded to avoid the spam bots)

    ...just an update on this...I have started on making the applescript that I wrote into an application that will allow you to either copy or import from the treo and also allow you to select which folder you want to import to and a few other options that may be implemented later.
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    As a new Treo600 user with a 12" PowerBook, I just went through the process of figuring out how to move photos between the Treo and Mac. What I have learned so far through searching this site and my own experience:

    1) SplashPhoto is good for moving pictures to your Treo. You can simply drag a photo from iPhoto to Splash and the next time you HotSync it'll move to the Treo.

    2) It is fairly straightforward to move photos taken with the Treo camera, from the Treo to Splash. To do this, you need to use the Camera application to copy/move the photos to the SD card. You can do this one at a time, or select all (use a category to get a subset). If you don't have an SD card I think you can also copy/move them using a file app from the camera's photo directory (DCIM/TREO_TN/DCIM) to the Splash directory (/Palm/Programs/SplashPhoto/). Refresh Splash on the Treo and HotSync and the photos will be there.

    3) You can easily drag a photo from Splash to iPhoto to do an import.

    4) If you want a photo from the Mac to be available for caller ID, you'll need to move/copy the photo from the SD card (or internal Splash folder) to the camera's photo directory (DCIM/TREO_TN/DCIM).

    Bottom line, you can move photos back and forth from Treo to Mac, but a bit of file copying is involved.

    In thinking about what I would want a full photo conduit to do I've come up with this:

    1) Allow me to maintain multiple photo directories that are mirrored perfectly on the Mac. One of these directories is the internal camera directory which must be present so that I can easily get photos in and out of that special directory. This would allow me to manage the photos on the Mac.

    2) The mirror directories on the Mac would be available in Splash and (of lesser importance) iPhoto. (Splash is required because I don't want to load full jpgs to my Treo).

    3) A luxury would be having multiple SD based directories that were named and that would only hotsync if the named directory (directories?) was on the SD card currently in the Treo. This would allow for multiple SD photo libraries.

    I'm curious about MarkSpace's missing sync but without a try before you buy, I'll probably make do without it. The one temptation for getting it is that it includes a SplashPhoto license which I have not yet purchased. However, missingsync includes Splash version 3.x which requires an upgrade to get to version 4.x and I'm not sure if I'd have to downgrade my current Splash install and then upgrade to version 4.x This could get messy as version 3.x had some incompatibilities with the Treo.
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    i think you might be wishing for a lot. I talked to a friend on the east coast who got the Treo when it was first released and from then till now handspring/palmOne has not released any info on a photo sync conduit. Even the windows version of the photo conduit is not that customizeable/complicated. I have given up on Handspring's mac support, as with a few other companies sadly, but luck for us Mac users we have system wide scripting capablities. And if you don't know applescript, you can always record the actions from the finder! Only problem is iPhoto's limited scripting capabilities so making it so that your Treo pics sync with iPhoto still requires drag and drop.
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    I just bought a Treo600 yesteday and am really disappointed to discover how lousy the Mac/Treo integration is. I am amazed that iSync doesn't "just work". I am stunned that iPhoto doesn't simply see the Treo as a digital camera and Do the Right Things.

    One thing I am curious about: the HotSync software provided with the Treo does put a bunch of backup files on the Mac, including these two:


    I am wondering if the photos are in fact stored in here, in the Palm's PDB file format (which is documented --- and there are Perl scripts to read them)?

    If the images are indeed in there, then there ought to be a way of writing a script to read them out of the pdb files, and copy 'em into a directory where iPhoto could then acces 'em....
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    Google for iTreo which does what you want (move photos from Treo to Mac)--indeed just look on the front page of TC.

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    It lacks iTreo's polish, but iPalmPhoto is free and syncs Treo photos to your Mac perfectly. There is an option in the program to export photos to iPhoto.
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    Try i-treo
    it works fine for me and my powerbook g4, os10
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    Treocentral had a stroy about this:

    Treo photos on OS X
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    or just set your Treo's camera to save to SD card and purchase SplashPhoto and you will have "true" photo syncing !! I think they offer a free 30 day demo.
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