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    I don't have the treo 600 yet.
    But I already have a question.

    I am going to transfer my datas from tungsten T to treo. I would like to know if telephone numbers can appear this way 04 71 003 400 on the address book or should they be written like 0471003400 for treo to understand them and dial them without any problem?

    Thank you for this

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    Not to sound flip, but the best way to find out is to try it (entering just one number to test). My experience is the Palm's address book automatically reformats number strings to x-xxx-xxx-xxxx. For instance, I always write down phone numbers with periods as separators: e.g. 123.456.7890. Once the number is entered that way, it displays as 1-234-456-7890.
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    Sorry, I forgot the part about your not having the Treo yet, and since I'm using the Treo right now on TC Mobile I can't edit my own post.

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