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    Ever since I've seen the Tablet PC's on the market, and the inclusion of great software in Office 2003, I've been itching to get a USB tablet for my laptop. This would allow me to write stuff in class and have it instantly translated into text on my PC. I was thinking, what if my Treo 600 was attached via USB -- is there ANY software solution to allow it to be used as a tablet whose input is recognized by my PC?? Let me know if you've ever heard of this type of capability with any Palm device, specifically the Treo. Thanks!
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    I haven't tried it on a Treo yet, but this software does what you're after (and it's free):
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    Sounds like a great program. Come with all the source code.

    But one problem "USB". it only supports a serial connection

    I'm trying to learn dev for the palm and that seems like a good progect"" for me

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