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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyricciardi
    I'm having a weird issue w/ your keycaps600 software. It appears that it occasionally interferes with the phone operation.
    I am having a problem where the shortcut keys I have assigned to people are not working all the time..... So no matter how long I hold down the S it will not speed dial the number. Any Ideas??
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulsjmail
    There was a fix posted by Metsfan (thanks again for this utlity!). Here is the version he posted that fixes the system sounds problem.
    Does this version solve the speed-dialing issue on the 650? I LOVE this program, but I love my speed-dialing more.
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    I'm not sure if this was mentioned previously, but KeyCaps600 freezes camcorder screen as well.
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    Camcorder works fine for me with the latest version of Keycaps installed.
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