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    I picked up today what I thought was a 32 MB SD card strictly for doing back ups w/Backup Man and didn't realize until I got home and cut it out of the carton that it was not an SD card but a Multimedia card.
    Does this matter for doing back ups? Should it be an SD card type only?
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    I think I read that the multimedia cards are slower and not available in as large a size as the SD cards. But for backup, I would think it would work fine. Anyone else?...
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    Thanks Dougef for your reply.
    I found this info by asking the question at SanDisks web site:

    SD Card - General


    What is the difference between the SD Card and MultiMediaCard? Which is faster?

    What is the difference between SD Card and MultiMediaCards? Which is faster?

    Sandisk products: SD Card, MultiMediaCard
    Operating systems: All Microsoft and Mac
    Hardware platform: All devices that use MultiMediaCard or SD Card.

    They are different technologies and devices that use the MultiMediaCard may not be able to use the SD Card, please refer to the device manufacturer to confirm compatibility before purchasing.

    In devices designed to use both, the SD Card will be faster than the MultiMediaCard by a noticeable amount.
    The SD Card also offers secure features
    For more information please refer to the spec sheets for each located on our website at our
    T750 w/Cingular
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