I know I saw an ealier post of this somwhere, but I cannot find it anywhere now. I think it was a sub-subject within another thread. Anyway it has not been hit for a while, so... here's a new one.

The obvious one that works, because it must, is: BackupMan. Also audio files, jpegs, and other image files, of course.

MSDict Oxford Pocket Dictionary. I've got 3MBs of dictionary data base on my SD card's launcher folder, but the prc file refused to work anywhere but in RAM.

Same deal with SpellCheck. 2MB pdb on card.

No luck with Wordsmith, though apparently spellsmith and the databases work with the Treo 90 using PiDirect.

What about full programs? Both prc and pdb files on external card? (I've tried a few things using PowerRun, but it seems that rather than moving the program files it copies some of them over, and I end up with 2 prc files, one in RAM, the other external. And it doesn't always move the pdb files, which are often the larger ones.

Love to know which apps work totally from external without any or much of it still residing in RAM.