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    Has anyone tried Cingular's Xpress Mail with the Treo 600? This was one of the main reasons I wanted the Treo. However, my IT department doesn't want to support the enterprise version of Xpress Mail...which is all Cingular currently offers.

    I talked with a local Cingular data specialist last week. He said he had been beta testing the personal version of Xpress Mail. The personal version require you to install a piece of software on a PC that running behind the corporate firewall. The PC must be up 24/7 in order for this to work. Anyone else heard about Cingular investigating this?

    He also mentioned that Cingular would be offering a data plan that centered around this new offering...but being on the technical side and not the sells side, he didn't have any pricing.

    I have yet to get a straight answer out of Cingular on Xpress Mail pricing. Its $10/mo for the service...but it uses GPRS and requires you to subscribe to Wireless Internet Express ($6.99 or pay as you go). So does the $10 cover all the data charges incurred while sending and receiving email....or does that data count against the Wireless Internet Express package? If the later is the could get quite expensive.
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    I have Treo 600 for Sprint and I use Business Connect Personal Edition. Xpress Mail for Cingular is using the same software as Sprint. The personal edition for Xpress Mail will be very similar if not same as BCPE for Sprint. They both use software from a company called SEVEN.

    Cingular will most likely charge you for data used with Xpress Mail like they charge for any other data use.
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    Thanks. I knew Sprint used SEVEN's solution...but I didn't realize Cingular used the same thing.

    So...are you happy with Sprint's Business Connect Personal Edition? Does it work well? Did your IT folks give you a hard time?

    Thanks again.
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    I'm actually one of those IT folks that would give you a hard time about stuff like this.

    You can run this without tell your IT folks and they wouldn't know about it unless you told them.

    The client runs fine through firewalls without your IT people opening up anything on their side. It uses one of those common internet ports, I think it's port 80 but I'm probably wrong on that one.

    BC personal edition for Sprint works pretty well. I'm happy with it. I don't use any of the push functions so I can't speak about that feature.
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    Thanks again.

    Well, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it to them...but out of respect for what you people do...and all the crazy users you have to support...I felt like I had to ask. In addition, our company is pretty tight on security. I would hate to violate some policy and end up canned for it.
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    I bought my T600, and signed up for Cingular Xpress Mail 3 days later. Hard to resist! I also opted for the Personal edition rather than turn in a request to IT (and wait...)

    My company uses Outlook w/ Exchange Server. They provide outside access to Exchange server via a private internet URL, which allows us direct access to our inbox, calendar, contacts. XMail is basically the same thing, porting straight into Exchange Server. Has worked pretty well (in the 3 days I've played with it).

    Does seem that I have to pay for both the GPRS (6.99/mo and up) AND XMail (9.99/mo). Didn't see any other data options out on Cingular's website (as of 12/5/03) but the website is down right now (late 12/6/03) for "upgrades to new account features."

    Summary: I'm sure there are other more powerful email programs out there (for example, I don't think I can send attachments from my T6 such as pictures), but this gets me the info I need when I need it. Added bonus: XMail also gives you access to your "My Documents" folder, for access to Word and other docs. Set this folder high in the heirarchy and you can access alot of info. I've wanted this for a long time (I'm waiting for the IT dept on this one) and XMail delivered.

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