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    Just a heads up for those that do not know. I have had a Rev A Rev B and Rev C and the LCD in the Rev C was terrible. So bad that I will be taking it back to BB. I mean the screen is already a 160x160 canít we make sure it is at least consistent before they go out. Donít get me wrong I love my T6 but an ugly yellow dull screen just bugs the heck out of me.

    Serial was HBSAD3425Axxx
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    I have a C and the screen looks fine. I would chalk it up to a defective unit.

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    Yes, it seems like individual variation. I have a rev b cingular gsm which is great. I also have a rev b international gsm which has the screen you describe.
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    Josh, I do not question your statement but have you had other unit to base being "fine" off. Had I not seen a "good" screen I think I would have just lived with it thinking the screen on the T6 was really ugly.

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