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    So I ordered the Cingular GSM version as an upgrade yesterday .

    I use a Mac, not a PC, and I had a question about using the T600 as a GPRS modem for my laptop. I have been using my (Verizon) cell phones as modems with zero problems on the Mac, you just plug the USB cable in, the Mac sees the phone, and you just specify the necessary settings/scripts on the Mac, and it works. (It works great, btw, on Verizon, with essentially instant connections and dual channel ISDN speeds. And there is no extra charge from Verizon, it just comes out of my monthly minutes... but I digress).

    From what I've read here, you can't use the T600 as a modem without additional software. PDAnet seems to be what everyone likes. But after reading the PDAnet site, I don't see anything that pertains to Macs, and the installer is a PC program. I guess that the PCs need special USB support or something, or maybe the PC side of the installer just installs the proper network scripts on the PC.

    I also read here that there is a #* command that you can enter on the T600 keyboard to set "passthrough" mode (or something like that), which turns the T600 into a modem, but that it only works with the serial cable.

    So how do I do this? I can certainly install PDAnet on one of my PCs, and then copy the .prc file(s) over to the T600, but will my Mac then be able use the T600 as a modem?

    Has anyone hooked up their Mac to a T600 (or any treo, I suppose) and used it as a modem? If it matters, I plan on putting my T600 on T-Mobile when it arrives.

    Treocentral has been a great resource for me; thanks to everyone for the help and insights.

    Bill S
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    I've heard that you can do this and would love to know how!
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    No offense, but you should be able to find this info if you search the forum.

    There is a product to do called WirelessModem that will run on the Mac (I use a PowerBook G4 with the Treo 600). I haven't had a chance to try it with this setup, but they claim compatability with the Treo 600 and the Mac. You can get info at
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    No offense taken.

    I did read the board before posting the message. Since everyone here overwhelmingly seemed to prefer PDAnet to wModem, I thought I'd ask about it.

    (Maybe that's just because PDAnet is for the PC, and wModem is for the Mac, and the world seems to overwhelmingly prefer PCs)

    I'd still like to hear from anyone actually using either PDAnet or wModem on a Mac.

    I looked a little at wModem, and the Mac side runs a kernel extension (kext) to do its work. If you're familiar with Linux or MacOS X, you'll know that third party kernel extensions should only be used with great caution.

    Since the MacOS is fully capable of talking to almost anything over its ports, using the system kexts, I wonder why wModem needs its own. (wModem does seem to do the safest thing with its kext; it keeps it inside its own application bundle and doesn't throw it into the main system libaray. It also loads it only when its running, and removes it when its through).

    I am also very curious about the passthrough command to the T600. I am (sorta) hoping that setting the T600 to passthough will allow me talk to its modem without needing ANY special programs or drivers running on the Mac side. I can write the Mac scripts and set the Mac network settings for any modem without much problem.

    I have two or three more weeks to ask silly questions before my T600 arrives.

    Bill S
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    I would have preferred something simpler also, but when you think about a kernel extension is necessary. It's just that the built-in modem and bluetooth ones are already provided.

    That said, I have tried wmodem and a Treo 270 on 10.2.6 (I think that was the number) and it did work. It took forever to figure out how to configure it. I endup having to use the login/password on my T-Zones account to make it work which is confusing since normally for GPRS you don't use a login on T-Mobile. I think part of the problem was the modem script.

    I've since gotten GSG which is a small program for generating modem script for GPRS. I intend to try wmodem and the Treo 600 under 10.3 in the next week or so, I just haven't had time to do it yet.
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    Originally posted by bcaslis
    I would have preferred something simpler also, but when you think about a kernel extension is necessary. It's just that the built-in modem and bluetooth ones are already provided.
    So is the USB kext.

    It's pretty simple how this all works (or is supposed to work). The USB device identifies itself to the driver (USB kext), and the driver talks to the phone (and visa versa), while the applications talk to the driver.

    I'm running Panther (10.3.1) on all my machines, and it was released after the last version of wModem, so I'm reasonably (?) afraid.

    I'll try to figure this all out when my T600 actually gets here; maybe we'll all be pleasantly surprised.

    Bill S
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    Treo 600+PDANET+PC Laptop+SprintPCS...absolutely kicks **** on speed and ease.........Treo 600+WirelessModem+Powerbook 12'+SprintPCS = LAGGY, SLOW, and UNRELIABLE...damn I love my PB too

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