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    The belt clip swivel "form fitting case" that is sold on Handspring's website - does it 'swing' or can you change and fix the position of the phone on the swivel? Does this make any sense? What I mean is, is the clip like the Treo 270/300 case wheree you can change the position of the phone with a few clicks, and it stays put - or does this case for the 600- just sort of 'hang'? I ordered one from the Handspring website, but see they cost less at other places...Is this the same case?
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    It clicks - so you can lock it in place.

    I bought one - it is okay, but I wound up cutting the plastic cover out - it felt too unnatural.

    As long as the headset is attached, I don't wory about the Treo falling out.
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    Ok cool thanks for the info. I ordered my Cingular Treo on the 18th, I wonder when this thing will come! I hope not too long...

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