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    I have a couple of questions. I currently am using a 300 with Sprint and have a new 600 coming that I'll be using with Cingular. Can I still use my synch cord and power charger from the 300 with my 600? Will I be able to still use both my 300 & 600 off the same computer when synching? other words, can I still synchronize my 300 to use as a regular "Palm organizer" and still have things synchronize with my 600?

    To help clarify.....I currently have a Nokia Cingular phone number and a Sprint phone (Treo 300) number. I kept my Cingular phone number I've had for years because of access problems in many of the rural areas I travel to where the digital Sprint system does not have service.

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help on these questions!
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    I don't think you should have any problems as long as you use different profiles for your Treo 300 and 600. However, I would advise you to load and use the Treo600 Palm Desktop for both Treos. Also, the power cords/sync cables for the Treos should be the same as well, however I have found the problems using my old Treo300 car charger cable with my Treo600...
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