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    anyone developing a conduit to synch MS Onenote with Treo?
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    I wish for this too
    visor deluxe->clie n760->treo 300->treo 600->treo 650 -> treo 700p -> treo 755p
    I may not know, but I'll bet my phone does!
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    see our other thread!
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    which is?
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    Heh. A quick seach on OneNote would do it, but here:
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    A quick search does, but isn't that other thread about wm?
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    I would love to see this as well. My next smart phone may have to be ms based just for this feature. I have a tablet pc, and use one note to take my school notes. Being able to have them on my phone would be great.
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    Yes, it started out on the 700w, but with OneNote's export capabilities, I'd be interested in even a read-only version on the palm, as I don't usually take notes with just my treo.

    That said, a OneNote MVP has a FAQ that gives two palm options:

    10.1 Palm-to-OneNote Importer - A tool to let you import notes from your Palm-based device to OneNote.

    10.1.1 Memone - Another Palm to OneNote tool.

    His faq is here:
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