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    Does anyone have any detailed info on what to expect from the Treo 600 ringers?

    I have a number of midi ringtones that I used on the Treo 300 which all worked fine and sounded great.

    I know that there have been a number of discussions here on how the imported ringers are not as loud on the T600, but it seems to me that it is not just a question of volume...

    It seems like the exact same midi ringers are missing various instruments. In more than one instance, I have a ringer that sounds perfect (some music...) on the Treo 300, but on the T600, the entire melody is MISSING?

    Can anyone comment on this? Are you all seeing the same thing, or just that the sounds are quieter? Is it possible for just a few of the midi instruments on my T600 to be bad?!?!

    thanks for any help!
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    I too would be interested in getting any informatoin on the Treo 600's midi & synth engine implementation - how many midi channels does is support, polyphony, continuous controller messages supported, etc.

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    I'm noticing the exact same thing. the way midi sounds on the laptop is completely different than on the treo.
    Is it an EQ issue? is the speaker missing certain tones?
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    From my experience, it's only a 16 channel MIDI synth. I haven't found any instruments that don't play, but have found some that are a lot more audible than others, and some that just plain don't sound right.

    The trumpet is a very loud tone, and one I've used as the melody instrument on most of the 40 MIDI's I've edited down to be ringtones. Lower toned instruments, like the various bass ones, will be less audible because the speaker just can't play tones that low very loud.

    There will obviously be major differences in how a MIDI sounds between a computer and the Treo, as the Treo most likely uses FM synthesis for most of the MIDI instruments, while most sound cards use wavetable synthesis, which has samples of the actual instruments.

    - Mike

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