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    Has anybody else experienced this and have a solution?

    The Treo Portable Keyboard seems to work fine in all the applications I have used it on, except for the HS Web app.

    After about two or three taps in the Web app, the keyboard stops performing.

    I've tried turning off the beam recieve, and have tried variations of turning the PortableKB app on or off before and after attaching the Treo 600 to the keyboard.
    Regardles of what I have done, the keyboard still stops working in the Web app.

    Any suggestions?

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    I also have the keyboard, and have the same thing happen.

    By the way, while the keyboard is marked as "On", it will say "Cannot load library" when you try to Beam things. You must go into the "PortableKB" app and turn keyboard "Off" for Beaming to work.

    Little things should be fixed in the driver in the future, hopefully.
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    I share your pain folks
    Same problem here!

    And I'm really frustrated because I really like the keyboard.

    Something else I've found and I wanted to check with you. When I'm entering/editing contacts, the numeric keys don't work! That's for the numeric fields like the phone numbers. I have to use the alpha keys that correspond to the numeric keys on the “built” in keyboard on the Treo, i.e., I have to press “c” for “8”, “r” for “2”, etc.
    They work fine for the other fields.

    Another weird behavior in contacts is that some times I see the characters in a bigger and bold font while I'm typing, but when I save the contact everything is fine! :|

    I has also crashed with Documents to Go a couple of times.

    Also, did you buy yours directly from Handspring or from another vendor?

    I hope we'll be seeing an update for the driver soon!

    [Treo 600 + Treo Portable Keyboard]
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    The menu button + alpha hotkey combos are not working (for example, on the Palm, you would do "/C" or Menu C to copy). I have to hit the menu button, then use the arrows to navigate to menu option, and then select the "center" button.

    Everything else seems to be working OK; with Blazer, it's a bit flakey, but it's generally working (sometimes I have to "re-dock" the handheld into the keyboard to get it working).

    I must be missing something obvious... I doubt that this functionality was not coded for in the driver.
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    That was my thought also. You would think that they would do extensive testing before marketing the keyboard.

    Because it works so well in some applications I tend to belive the problem is with the driver.

    With Blazer, do you have buffered keystrokes that when you unplug the Treo and plug it back on it starts to execute those keystrokes?

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    I see the exact same thing...

    When I'm in Blazer and the keystrokes are not taking...if I unplug my Treo from the keyboard, it goes nuts with the keystrokes.

    I find that I get the best results if I do the following:
    1. When the Treo is not plugged into the keyboard, I shut off the keyboard driver.
    2. When I want to use the keyboard, I first plug the Treo in, turn it on, and then enable the driver.

    It's a royal pain, but it seems to work MOST of the time when I do it this way (it's still flakey, but at least it kinda works).

    What I used to do is leave the driver on permanantly (I don't use the beaming, so it wasn't have a problem in that regard). It seemed to hotsync just fine with it on, so I didn't think it would be a problem. However, this gave me the worst keyboard performance results overall (it would never really work with Blazer).

    What I also found when leaving the driver enabled is, for some odd reason, the battery indicator would always read "100%". At the end of the work day, I saw "100%", and I totally didn't believe it. So, as an experiment, I turned of the keyboard driver, and did a soft reset. The battery read about 60%. After that, I started manually turning on the driver only when I was using it.

    $100 bucks for a keyboard. Yikes. Having it work... I don't think it's too much to ask.
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    You gave me some ideas to try, but the more I think about it the more upset I get about this!

    You're right! All we're asking for is for the darn thing to work the way it's supposed to! Given what they've been able to accomplish in this incredible device, it's hard to believe they messed up on this keyboard!!!!

    I will sure send them an e-mail about this and I think if enough of us complain, they may finally do something about it!


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    There are at least two external keyboards that are reported to work with the 600. Users in this thread say the Treo Portable has glitches in its driver that produce flakey performance in some circumstances.

    Users report that the Palm Wireless (which works via infrared) works very well with the 600. One disadvantage is that, unlike the Treo model, it doesn't have dedicated number keys. In addition, it doesn't lock flat, so that using it on your lap is probably a no-go.

    Has anyone tried both?


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