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    I received my phone two days ago and I am not able to send pictures.

    I have Cingular Service with WIX and MMS provisioned. I have called Cingular twice and they say everything it fine. I wanted to check the settings for Cingulars IP and they said they weren't allowed to realease that information, they said it was imbedded in their phones. I told them that it was quite visable to me so here they are for the world to see: MMS gateway address
    MMSC Port number: 9201

    Set on automatic

    I called Handspring and they don't have anybody who could help me for two days. Level 2 support. Has anyone else experienced this?

    I take a picture, save it. Move to picture screen and hit send. If I send with either "Mail" or "MMS" I get blue boxes in the corner that blinkaround. Then I get a message later. "Connection Problem"

    WIX, SMS, Visto, and mail are all working
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    After reading your post, I just took my first photo and sent it via MMS and it worked perfectly.
    It gave me the choice to send either from:
    Mail, Snappermail or MMS. I chose MMS and "send".
    Not sure what's up on your end.
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    I too am having problems sending via MMS. I use T-Mobile. Congular is full of it about releasing their setting. All carriers SMS, MMS, and WAP settings are available publicly on forums such as

    Anyway, I am using the following settings on my Cingular branded Treo6 connected to the T-Mobile network:

    MMS Preference, Connection Settings, Custom, Edit, Yes -

    MMS Gateway address: (also tried .84 below)
    MMS Url: (also removed the leading http://)

    MMS Port #: 9201 (also tried 80)
    Network Profile: tried TMO Internet, T-Zones

    (I tried the automatic settings and the MMS app says their is a problem with the connection)

    I am interesting in hearing from other T-Mobile users. Do you have MMS working and if so, what are your settings?

    I called T-Mobile and insured that I was provisioned. Also, my wife just received a SE T610 and she can't send MMS either. Both of our MMS messages come across as SMS messages. SMS works fine on both phones.

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    really, will someone with a Cing T6 on T-Mobile send an MMS to a friend or perhaps yourself. TMO claims that you should be able to send to yourself but I can't.
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    Problem solved:

    Four days on phone with Cigular, frustrating but they were helpful.

    I asked them to do this the first call and they told me it wasn't necessary:

    Completely unprovision WAP and reprovision it.

    Worked perfectly after that.

    It seems MMS is SMS and GPRS related. Test goes SMS and pciture goes GPRS.

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