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    I'm using t-mobile not sprint and am having this weird smtp auth problem with handspring mail v 1.0 that came with the phone.

    here's the deal:
    I have the cingular gsm unlocked, running on tmobile, gprs works fine,
    incoming mail works fine, its the outgoing that has the problem.

    i can send mail to recipients who are at my server domain (server is so works, ..etc
    but any email to any other domain gets the following error:

    were wereunable to send mail using:

    the connection log reads: unable to authenticate with smtp user -5.7.2
    <> (=the email i tried sending to ) relaying denied

    I cant figure it out, and i just read someone else had the same prob with snapper so, im reluctant to try switching clients ...

    tmobile and hs tech support were stumped..

    any takers?

    thanks for any help

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