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    I've searched the boards here and can't find out how much time it takes to hotsync MP3 files on a, say, per MB basis. I have to transfer some MP3s to an SD Card from my laptop. My SD reader is not present so hotsync is my only option.

    Its been quite awhile and the hotsync is not done. I have a USB 1.0 connection btw. Anyone have any idea?
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    It's brutally slow. Basically not worth the bother.
    Try ~4KB/sec or so to hotsync MP3s. No idea why, because I know hotsync handles other files much quicker.
    An SD card reader will do it at around 1MB/sec

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    USB Hi-Speed 2.0 definitely works faster for Hotsyncing now. Including MP3 file transfer. I have both 1.0 and 2.0 ports on my computer, and I tried using the 2.0 when I upgraded (it didn't make a difference with my T300.) The T600 desktop definitely syncs faster on the hi-speed 2.0 port compared to the 1.0 ports.

    I see MP3 transfers taking 2-3 minutes per song on 2.0

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