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    In spite of how upset everyone is with Handspring's shipping delays, I've heard that its not their fault...its their suppliers. Most specifically, their LCD supplier.

    Its been widely reported that the LCD fabs are at full compacity. It has been said that as Christmas approaches and the demand for LCDs increases (especially the most popular sizes like 15 and 17 inch) the LCD delivery times will go will the price. Its possible that the same Treo display is having a hard time competing for fab time with the other "mega seller" sizes.

    Its my understanding that HS is building the Treos based on the number of displays they get each week. Both models (CDMA and GSM) use the same if HS only gets in 500 displays one week...they have to decide how many CDMA versions and GSM versions to complete. They might do 400 GSM and 100 CDMA...or the other way around.

    I've also heard that HS may be changing the processor in future versions of the Treo. The TI OMAP processor may be out...and replaced with something else. I don't know who it will be...but Intel has dominated the PDA market with its xscale processor for over a year now. That's just a guess though... I doubt HS would change processors in the middle of a product's life cycle. I assume all Treo 600 units will still have the OMAP part.
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    Originally posted by bullydaddy
    Do you work for Microsoft?
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    No, I do not work for Microsoft. Why would you ask that? Was that your attempt at an ill-directed slam? If you read'll see that I'm actually defending Handspring (now palmone).

    In addition...if the M$ comment was made because I mentioned Intel...that's silly. Even if HS changes processors, I doubt they would change OS's. After all, they are part of Palm again!! Some of the new Palm OS devices have the Intel chip in them.

    Believe me...or don't believe me...I really don't care. I was only passing on info that I learned from another Handsping silicon supplier. I was hoping to cast a better light on HS...I really don't think all these delays are their fault.
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    Interesting. I ordered my Treo GSM from Mobilefly and the guy there warned me that an American purchaser (mobilefly is in Singapore) mentioned the mobilefly 600 screen was slightly yellowish compared to the Cingularized version which the American purchaser owned too. Do you think they would buy from more than one supplier or perhaps the screens are callibrated in batches and that would cause the differnece? Just a thought.
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    I'm not sure that the HS delays are being held up by the LCD shortage but it certainly is a real issue...

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