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    The answer is in this thread already, but just buy any and enter "treo 600" in the comments area for now. They will be updates on the site shortly.
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    I second that! Where are the screen protectors for the Treo 600?

    I didn't see any, or are they the same as for the other Treos?
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    If you're looking for the G2's the Treo 600 selection in not showing on their web site but it's available.

    Just order it as though you're ordering for another unit, for example select the Treo 300 and in the comment field you specify that you want it for the Treo 600. It works. I received my today.

    Tks to those on this thread and others for pointing me to this product.

    Good Luck
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    Just wondering if those who had the G2 screen protectors could post some pics? I'ld to see what they look like before I purchase them. TIA...
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    Many of you had said these protectors fit perfectly on the screen, under the casing. My question is, how long will these things last, and is it easy to get them out to replace?

    I already noticed some very small fine scratching on my Treo 600 so it's time to buckle down and get some screen protectors.

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    They come out pretty easy. If you're discarding it after, it's a bit easier since you don't have to worry about putting a crease in it.

    Overall, I think one could easily last 6 months to a year, maybe even longer. Alot depends on how much you use the stylus I guess.
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    QUOTE]Originally posted by gfunkmagic
    Just wondering if those who had the G2 screen protectors could post some pics? I'ld to see what they look like before I purchase them. TIA... [/QUOTE]

    I tried but couldn't get a good shot of the G2. Hey, that speaks for the screen protector- it's transparent.

    I'm sure someone out there could get a good shot of it.

    Sorry I couldn't help
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    I decided it would probably be a good thing to have a screen protector if I was going to carry the T600 around in my pocket. I looked at several threads in this forum to get a sense for some of the good brands.

    I narrowed it down to Boxwave or the G2. The G2 had more positive reviews and customer satisfaction stories. That tipped the scales. I ordered them this morning.

    I know several people have mentioned that they are tricky to install. Let's hope it not too frustrating getting them set up.
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    Despite all the positive G2 reviews... I had ordered the boxwave protectors since I have already used them on two of my last Sony Clie's. I just got my T600 yesterday and last night when I finally got to play with it, I slapped that screen protector on there! No dust probs for me and it went on a perfect fit! Couldn't be happier (again).

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    Lessee - I've used G2, PurpleMoo, transparency film cut to fit, the OEM sticky film, and a couple of other things I can't remember on my dozen or so devices.

    Just installed my first Boxwave on the T600. I absolutely love it - YMMV, but I prefer this to anything else I've used. It does reduce glare, it's "hard", feels good to the stylus, is smooth, once on doesn't seem to get anything under it, is removable, and as advertised can be rinsed off under the faucet (and rubbed with fingers) to remove any dust and lint that happens to get on there during your first attempt at application.

    The thing IS a dust and lint magnet - you need just about cleanroom conditions to get one on without anything underneath - but it's pretty easy to pull off, clean and try again. It's kinda like post-it adhesive - not sticky stuff like on the purplemoos (if I remember these correctly). I use the tip of a penknife to lift the corner then lift off with my fingers. Be careful - you CAN scratch the adhesive with a sharp object like the knife point, and you will see the scratch later through the protector. But as long as you're careful, no problemo.

    Looks like it should be pretty durable, as well.

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    I have the Boxwaves and I really like them. All the opinions thus far are pretty much inline with what I think. Paul, I just wanted to add that you can use a piece of scotch tape to pull up the Boxwave rather than using a pen or whatever which might mess it up.
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    I've used the Fellows WriteRight protectore on older non-backlit Palms, and I was always disappointed. They noticeably reduce contrast for grey lcds.

    I put a Boxwave on my wife's Ipaq, and I'm a bit disappointed there too. The boxwave has a texture which combines with the pixel structure of the disply to look a bit like a projection screen. It's definitely not as smooth and clear as the bare glass is. Although I like the wash & reuse mentality, no one would ever miss the fact that there is some piece of plastic between you and your screen.

    In light of the positive remarks here, I've ordered the G2 for my Treo 600.

    <img align="left" src="">
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    I've had a G2 screen protector on my T270 for over a year and a half now. I don't even realize its there. Now I have a T600 and if I remember correctly, I did receive more than one G2 for the T270 (I've never needed to replace the first one). So after reading this thread, I'm going to find those left over T270 protectors and cut one down to fit in the T600...

    Prior to the g2 I used RightWrites on my old blue Visor Dlx. In fact, there is still one attached to it...
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    There really is a personal preference factor here. I liked the G2s best before the Boxwave. In general:
    * If you want something that you can "forget is there" and that looks and feels pretty much like the original screen, pick the G2.
    * If you prefer something that reduces glare, and don't care if you can see the edges of it, pick the Boxwave.

    Some folks have reported getting a drop of moisture under the G2's and having an "oil on water" look as a result - won't be a problem with the Boxwaves. On the other hand, the G2 was easier to install without lint/dust underneath than the Boxwave.

    To each his own,

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