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    The review begins as follows:

    It's incredibly difficult to avoid using superlative terms of affection when discussing the Treo 600: words like 'love' and 'perfect' have a way of creeping in, which is a tribute to just how good a job the team at Handspring did on this, their final pre-palmOne handheld. In fact, the presence of little design details and sheer quality of implementation alone make this arguably the best WAN handheld we've yet seen.

    They're extremely enthusiastic about everything but the screen and the absence of bluetooth. On the screen they're fair, saying that it's very bright and readable in all conditions save for the brightest direct sunlight. They have great praise for many of its virtues: The keyboard, 5-way, phonebook integration, form factor, battery life, browser solidity, versatility, palm zippiness, etc.

    Basically they love it, and I agree with them.

    Here's the link

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