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    When charging the Treo 600, are you supposed to get just a solid red LED? When I plug mine in, I get a lot of red/green flashing of the LED, and the bolt on the battery indicator changes state from red to green to gone and back.

    Last night, I was down to about 50% battery, so I plugged it in when I went to bed, and it was only at 60% when I got up, so it would seem that it's not reliably charging. Other times (which have been few, as I've only had it a week), it has charged up more, but this doesn't seem normal to me.

    I've done soft and hard resets, as well as trying to charge with the sync cable attached, none of which have changed the behavior. I'd try a different AC adaptor if I had one handy.

    Has anybody else seen this? Is it normal behavior that I'm fretting about for nothing?
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    Definitely doesn't sound like normal behavior to me! I'm just guessing, but it sounds like you might have a defective charging cable IMO. Also, I also had an incident when I left my Treo600 to charge in the cradle overnight and the next morning the battery level hadn't changed. However, when I did a soft reset, the battery indicator also reset and showed 100% charge as it should have. I'ld recommend you take it to your wireless carrier store and have them do a diagnostic to check it out personally...
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    I have experienced almost the same problem. After charging it to full 100%, the bar suddenly will drop to about 46% in 2 hours in stanby mode. I will then charge it, which will take only about 3 minutes to 100% (i doubt the reading), it will then drop to 45% in 1-2 hours in standy mide. I wonder what is the defect. Battery , charger or power indicator?

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