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    Well there's been alot of discusson on the best backup app in previous threads, but what about an app like Bluesync that actually makes a backup of your SD card on your PC as well? Anyone try this yet? So far, it seems to work great on my Treo600. The only negative is that it obviously takes a long time to backup the SD card during hotsync the first time. After that it only copies new files or updates changes etc. Check it out! I wonder what others opinions of this app are? TIA...
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    I use jkware's CardBackup to backup my entire device to the card for an always available backup with me. I then use BlueSync from BlueSquirrel to back up the card to my PC for a verison to restore from in a big loss.

    Works great and recommended to everyone. Look no further for a back up solution.
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    Hey this is a good idea! Especially if you either (God forbid) lost your Treo 600 or had it stolen. Then a backed-up SD card which is always IN the phone wouldn't be much help, would it? Yikes, the more I think about it ... the more this makes good sense.

    I am going to check this out. Thanks!

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