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    Hey, first I was wondering the quality of the MP3 playback. Is it like any other MP3 player, or is the sound quality not as good?

    Also, since I'm here, I guess this Treo doesn't have a volume problem...with my Treo 270, I have to turn it to speakerphone (lowest volume setting of course) to be able to hear ok.

    Finally, I purchased these headphones that serve also as a microphone in anticipation of the Treo. I am always connected to some musical device or my phone, so this seems like a good combo. Do any of you know about the Skullcandy headphones?

    Thanks a lot!
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    First off, I'm VERY impressed with the built-in speaker on the 600. In an office environment, it sounds pretty dang good for a phone. With headphones, It sounds on par with my RioVolt MP3 CD player.

    On the headphone/microphone issue, I was using my standard Sony earbuds (the ones that come in the little winding case) with my adaptor from Radio Shack, and I had an incoming call. without thinking, I just took the call and said "Hello?" and THE PERSON COULD HEAR ME! I had the phone in front of me, so I'm not sure if it was the regular phone mic picking me up, or if there's some weird "mic through the speakers" effect going on.

    [a microphone and a speaker are essentially the same mechanism. One converts an electric impulse to a vibration, and the other converts a vibration to an electric impulse. It's possible that the headphones were picking up the sound of my voice, but I don't know for sure. More likely, the mic on the phone was picking me up. Still it was pretty neat using standard headphones.]
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    Ok thanks for the response. I actually also have the RioVolt MP3 CD player, and was going to ask if the sound was as good as that, but I didn't think that most people would have one...Ok well if the sound is that good then it's definitely not a bad deal. The RioVolt is good but big to carry around, so I'm thinking of buying a 256 mb Sandisk SD card, and using that - granted memory is 1/2, and battery time would be maybe half, it would still be a really viable alternative - not always, but at least when I don't want to lug around a million electrical gadgets. Thanks for the info!
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    That was also one of my main reasond for getting the 600. I'm tired of needing a carry-on bag to carry all my gadgets!
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    A couple of you were asking about the sound quality of the Treo 600 when playing MP3s and listening using stereo headphones. I just finished an evaluation. I purchased the "Handspring Treo 600 ORIGINAL Stereo Headset" from a popular seller on eBay. I was lead to believe that these were the same headphones as offered on the Handspring website. However the picture is a bit different than what arrived. The headphones I got have a pointed shaft at the earbud instead of a taper. The sound of these headphones was a bit harsh and midrangey. I then bought a 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo adapter so that I could audition the sound of the MP3 player on my favorite earbuds, an old pair of Sony MDR-E821. The improvement was only incremental. I have a Rio S50 MP3 player which sounds quite a bit better than the Treo 600 using Pocket Tunes. I'm very particular about sound quality. However if you aren't, then the Treo 600 using Pocket Tunes may be just right for you. It's a really an awesome feature that unfortunately falls a tiny bit short for me.

    -Brad Lovett

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