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    I just got an unlocked t600 today, and I have a tmobile sim card.

    I have been using a sidekick, and when I put the sim card in the t600, it will connect the phone feature. However, the GPRS is giving me an error.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have searched this topic threads, but can't find any other issues similar to this one.
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    Are you sure you have GPRS and not that VPN/T-Zones crap?
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    the sidekick always "claimed" to have GPRS, and I have checked my sidekick settings and it says "GPRS"

    I am pretty confused, and I am guessing that a new sim card will be necessary.
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    What kind of error message are you getting?
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    Did you verify that your Network preference is set on T-Mobile Internet?? And did you try T-Mobile tech support??
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    never mind. Called t-mobile and updated my plan.

    For those that might try, sidekick plans won't work with t600 without updating your plan.

    echaban, thanks for offering the assistance. Your willingness to help is very much appreciated. Hopefully sometime I can repay the favor.


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