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    Any 3Nity users out there? I DL'ed the demo and liked it quite a bit. It did work for the first 2-3 days of use. However, now when I start it up and press any button on the "Enter Password" screen, it hangs and makes the Treo 600 beep until I do a soft reset.

    Anyone else with this problem?
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    I use 3nity and also have it linked in the software section of - it's a great app and I've had none of the problems you speak of - it just works. Perhaps it is interacting badly with another program you've installed since.
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    I've been using 3nity for over a year... just recently put it on my T600 and haven't had any of the issues that you've mentioned. The developer has been very helpful with issues I've had in the past. His e-mail is listed on the Smart-mobile applications page.

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    Tx for the replies...

    I haven't installed anything in between the time it worked and the time it started not working and producing the aforementined error.

    The only difference I recall is that BackupMan, which was also a trial piece of software, starteg to nag me about registering. I don't know if the 2 are related. I'll find out soon though, as I just purchased BackupMan (great product, BTW) and will register it.

    An email to the developer will be in order if this doesn't work out.

    I'll keep the board posted...
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    I just stumbled across 3Nity - what a nice app. I like the interface so much better then Keyring's interface (that I've been using). But I prefer some of Keyring's functionality - I like the fact that Keyring will generate new passwords for me, and that it keeps track of when a password was last changed. I wonder if those things could be added into 3Nity?


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