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    While running Sprint BCS I got a dialog box that said "Data will be obliterated [OK]". When I pressed OK, I had a "virgin" BCS: no data, and no registration information.
    No great tragedy, as I was in the office and all the data was still in Outlook, but I would hate for this to happen on the road. Does anyone know what would cause this? I've seen "deleted", "erased", and even "expunged", but "obliterated" sounds really, really bad!
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    i would suggest that next time you NOT hit the OK button!!
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    Unfortunately, it was the only choice presented. I could have done a reset, but it's not at all clear whether that might have left the program and data is some corrupted state - worse than "obliteration". I would love to hear from someone who can actually shed some light on the nature of the problem. Sprint "support" says they've never heard of this message.
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    cbrenner - I can tell you how to get this message.

    1. Go to your Webmail interface and login.
    2. Click on the settings tab
    3. Click on the Devices in the edit window
    4. You should see your device ph number listed.
    5. Look to the right on that line... checkmark the "Purge Data" check box and then click on the save button only IF YOU WANT TO PURGE YOUR DATA AGAIN. KIDS DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME AND PLEASE NO WAGERING! :-)
    6. Sync your device and then you will get the Data Obliterated dialog on it. It only has an OK box as you suggested. After hitting ok you will have to re-register the device... not a big deal but you'll need to remember your credentials.

    OK... so why is this feature even available? Pretty simple... if someone steals your phone they can read your email until you stop the service. This is meant as s security feature that you can go into the Web interface and stop the user at the next sync. This is just one way to use it.

    Maybe we should have Sprint consult Treo-Central for some answers? :-)

    Now the question is.. Were you experimenting with this feature? If not then I would suggest changing your password as maybe somebody has been into your account.

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