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    Okay, this is definitely not what it's _supposed_ to do. But the question is, is this a hardware problem?

    I go Preferences / Date/Time. It shows my timezone as GMT -5:00. Wrong. I click on the timezone with the stylus to change it.

    Instead of a dialog box with a menu list popping up, what I get is the thin black rectangular outline of a such a dialog box! And when I click in it, then in the area where I clicked a highlighted row suddenly appears showing a menu item (e.g., "Alaska -7:00). There's an empty space within the right side of the box, where the scrollbars would be, but clicking there does nothing. But if I type a letter, like U, and then click on the invisible menu items, again, I see timezones for U countries like Ukraine, United States, etc..

    Is this a known issue? Soft resets and system resets do not solve it.

    If it's not a hardware defect (groan), my only guess would be that it's because the install process migrated some software from my old Visor Deluxe that is radically incompatible with the Treo.

    Would greatly appreciate any help here, and will pass on the word if Handspring discovers anything worth knowing w/r/t compatibility.

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    I have mine set to Network Time...

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