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    When I'm using the Audible app on the Treo 600, I can't get the Treo display to shut down after the timeout. I have both applications configured to turn the display off. The timeout feature will not work. If I manually shut the display off with my "Power" button, the screen comes back on in 30 seconds or so. I've tried using the "display off" feature in Audible. That does nothing. I've changed the Treo Preferences and Audible settings for the display so that they are different. No luck. I've also noticed that once I use the Audible app, the display will not timeout at all unless I go into Preference and reselet the timeout setting.

    Any info would be helpful...and save battery life.

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    Try Sandman (scroll to bottom of page). It is a free program that turns off the display. Written by Mark Blank (the same guy who wrote/is writing Chatter). Hope that works for you.

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