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    hmmm...I get almost instant replies to me emails.

    Mine is working fine, no freezes on either Igolf, the test program or Mapopolis.

    Good luck!

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    I have the iGolf also, and at first it worked great, and was a lot of fun. Then, when I had to replace my Treo, the next one wouldn't work with the SD GPS.

    After I emailed iGolf, they promptly responded as follows:

    The Treo 600 has known flaws in it's SD slot. We have found that about 30% of our customers have Treos that freeze while attempting to use our receiver. Since you were able to obtain satellites, it proved that the receiver works fine. I suspect that you have traded in your Treo for a Treo that may not ever work with our unit. We have been told that Palm is working on a software patch for this problem, but we do not know when it will be released. Your Treo will most likely not work with any SD periferal cards (Cameras, wi fi, etc.). SD memory cards should work fine because the data only goes one way and not SDIO (Secure Digital In Out).

    Needless to say, the new 3.05 patch does not fix this. My newest Treoo 600 gets here tomorrow (number 5) and I am hoping that this one is in the 70% that work.

    Hope this helps.
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    I just iGolf's web page and is says "November delivery based on order number". Is their web page out of date, or are they really out of stock until November 2004?
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    One of the problems with iGolf is they don't update thier web site. That info has been on there for a LONG time. I would email the sales group at for a real date. They usually respond quickly.

    As an aside, my new Treo came today and it works with my iGolf!
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    You're probably right. I updated my Treo with the 3.05 firmware, but it's still not recognizing the gps. I wonder if T-Mobile will replace my Treo because it's not working with the gps.
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    They will replace it if you DEMAND it. I was on Treo #3 which was one of the "non working SDIO" units. I explained to Palm1 that I needed a unit that actually worked, and they tried to play it off as being a third party hardware/software issue, and therefore not Palm1's problem. I explained that the GPS worked in the first 2 Treos, and they said that they would send me a new unit to try to fix the problem. #4 had a problem with the SIM card, but #5 worked like a charm. It works great!

    Demand a replacement, they will eventually give in if you explain that it worked on another Treo unit.
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    I called T-Mobile yesterday, and got them to send me another unit. Only problem is that there's a 15 day backorder on Treo 600s (they don't even appear on their least for my location), but at least I will be getting another one to try. Hopefully this works! Thx!
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    I have been testing the iGolf unit. First, the guys at iGolf are great, and I'm really pulling for them. I can sit in my office, and when its working, get a fix pretty quick. I have used the mapopolis software (1.13 and the beta 2.11), and again, when it works is actually usable as a car GPS. My biggest issue is inconsistency, both in accessing the device, and then, getting consistent valid fix data. It appears to be related to memory issues, as my success is somewhat dependant on what I have in RAM, and in what order I install the GPS SDIO library and attendant software (e.g., mapopolis).

    Can the folks that have this working please reply with their software stack and driver version and mapopolis version? Any other troubleshooting information would really be appreciated.
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    Can somebody please email me the iGolf SDIO Driver?

    I would really appreciate it. I have email enabled under this forum. I have the hardware GPS but I dont want to buy iGolf the program because I dont play golf and they wont give me the driver without paying 35 bucks for something i dont want.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Sorry, I sold mine on a bluetooth GPS ready for the T650..
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    YEs, I was tricked into buying the "palm compatible" pretec card. To me, compatibility is ranked by if the DEVICE WORKS AT ALL. not whether it "could" work "someday"

    So yeah, anyone with the iGolf driver, PLZ PLZ let us know. We all wasted over 100 bucks on something that cant work without it.
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    My name is David Alexander with iGolf Technologies. Anyone that has purchased products from iGolf Technologies and has received the SDIO driver for the Palm OS it is illegal to transfer this driver to anyone. This driver is not shareware and anyone that distributes the driver will be held accountable. Pretec has released a SD GPS receiver and does not have a Palm driver.

    If you have any questions, please email me directly:
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    Damir. Please see the post that I just posted. It is illegal to transfer our driver to anyone.

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    Good Point. Touche.
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    Re: Palm OS® SD GPS Driver

    It has come our attention, many of you are interested in obtaining a Palm
    OS® driver for Pretec’s SD GPS receiver. Please read the following official
    statement from iGolf Technologies regarding the use and distribution of the

    The Palm OS® driver for SD GPS receivers (including the Pretec unit) was
    developed and is owned solely by iGolf Technologies. Any persons currently
    in possession of the driver is either under non-disclosure or has accepted
    the terms stated within the Software Agreement, which prohibits the
    distribution of the driver without the consent of iGolf Technologies.
    Distribution of the driver without the consent of iGolf Technologies is
    strictly forbidden. The binding legal agreements between iGolf Technologies
    and their partners/customers will be fiercely enforced and the maximum
    penalty allowed by law will be sought for any person(s) or company(s)
    breaching this contract. Any person(s) requesting, soliciting or aiding in
    the illegal distribution of the Palm OS® driver will also be subject to
    legal action.

    iGolf Technologies understands the frustration Palm OS® customers are
    experiencing with the SD GPS receiver and the urgency felt by customers to
    obtain a working driver. However, it is essential the driver be obtained
    through lawful channels to avoid any legal consequences and eliminate the
    potential for corrupt software being distributed. As a sign of good faith,
    iGolf Technologies is working towards a solution to provide access to the
    driver for all customers. iGolf Technologies will be releasing an official
    statement next week announcing the availability of the Palm OS® driver and
    how customers can obtain a copy. In the meantime, if you have any questions
    or comments, email David Alexander at for more


    iGolf Technologies
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    Thanks alot David Alexander. We appreciate the effort by iGolf. I wish pretec would do SOMETHING besides blame the software companies for using serial interface through SDIO.

    Im sure all of us would be more then happy to pay a few dollars for the driver but most are probably unwilling to shell out another 35 on a program that frankly we will never use and certainly don't want.

    Thanks for all the effort!
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    SD GPS Driver for Palm OS Now Available!!
    SAN DIEGO, Calif.--December 16, 2004--iGolf Technologies, Inc. officially announced they will begin temporarily distributing and selling their proprietary SD GPS driver for Palm OS® handhelds to individual consumers who purchased the Pretec® SD GPS receiver. Currently, the Pretec SD GPS receiver is packaged without a Palm OS driver making it non-functional on palmOne™ handhelds. As a service to individuals desiring to utilize the SD GPS receiver on palmOne handhelds, iGolf Technologies has opted to provide Pretec consumers the ability to purchase the SD GPS driver directly from its website. iGolf Technologies recommends use of the driver for Palm OS 5 devices, such as the palmOne Zire™ and Tungsten™ product lines and the Tapwave Zodiac™. iGolf Technologies’ SD GPS driver is for personal use only and is protected by international law prohibiting the illegal distribution or alteration of any of its components.

    Currently, the SD GPS driver only functions with iGolf Technologies iGolfgps v.2 and Mapopolis Navigator. iGolfgps v.2 provides golfers with accurate distance measurements to the front, center and back of a green and four customizable points, such as water and sand hazards. Additionally, a scorecard for up to four golfers is included, complete with player’s statistics and real time scoring. Mapopolis Navigator provides spoken and visual navigation prompts before each turn and generates routes in the United States, Canada and Western Europe. Additional GPS software, developed by iGolf Technologies or provided by other developers, will become available in the future. Developers who would like their software compatible with the SD GPS receiver, may contact iGolf Technologies to inquire further.

    iGolf Technologies is working to provide a total GPS solution for Palm OS and Pocket PC consumers. “We are working closely with companies like Pretec, exploring the possibility of a GPS package with an SD GPS receiver and drivers compatible with both palmOne and Pocket PC handhelds,” said Dan Galatro, Vice President of Operations at iGolf Technologies. “It doesn’t make sense to sell them individually with separate drivers,” he concluded. Consumers, wishing to stay informed of the latest developments, are invited to sign up for iGolf Technologies’ newsletter.

    Related Links:


    David Alexander

    iGolf Technologies, Inc.

    3645 Ruffin Road, Suite 335

    San Diego, CA 92123

    Tel: 858.244.0312 ext. 2

    Fax: 619.374.2401



    Palm OS® is a registered trademark of PalmSource Inc. palmOne™, Zire™ and Tungsten™ are trademarks of palmOne, Inc. Zodiac™ is a trademark of Tapwave, Inc. Pretec® is a registered trademark of Pretec Electronics Corp. Other brands mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners.
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