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    Any Treo 600 users using the fitness program PDAbs? If so, how is it working for you? Are you experiencing hangs and resets as I am?

    I love what this program has to offer but enough is enough.

    Happy but sad.
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    Update on PDAbs:

    Upon further review, I found out that the installation of PDAbs was corrupt on my desktop version thus causing my palm app to reset everytime I used PDAbs.

    Now that it is fixed, I'm extremely happy.

    If you are looking for a GREAT workout/fitness program, try PDAbs (
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    I like PDabs a lot. The only thing I miss is a graph.
    I'm just more visual than usual I guess =(

    Right now I'm trying BodyAdvance which has no graph either and is much more complicated. So I'll prolly be going back to PDabs since its really easy to use and a great proggie...minus the graph.

    Diet and excersize assistant is amazing with graphs and everything but more of a diet program. I might buy that one also just to keep track of my nutrient intake and weight progression as I lift. Its an amazing program with over 260,000 downloads from handango.

    I'm having a problem with bodyadvance have to install the installer onto the treo then install the program from the PDA itself. Problem is I can't delete the installed "BA Installer" After I delete it, it just comes right back no matter how many times I delete it....any ideas?
    Treo 650
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    Sort of on the same note - does anyone know of any good software for keeping health records? I don't need diet or exercise, just a simple program to record cholesterol, b/p, etc.

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