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    For those using business connect, is there anyway to remove a "saved" email address/contact in the window where you can add recipients to an email?

    for example, if i select the "to" option it takes me to a window where i can search for contacts in various places. but underneath it also displays various email addresses i have recently used which admittedly makes for a convenient feature. But one of those is the wrong address and some i just don't want there and they're cluttering up the window. any ideas how to remove these?? thanks.
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    I requested that feature from the developers already. They said it was a good idea.
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    Yeah - there's no way to remove items. You can only clear the entire list, and to do that you have to re-register the client by going to the Settings menu, Seven Info, and tapping re-register (this will delete all you email on your Treo) and force you to register BC with username/password, etc.

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