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    So, I'll get a 600 soon.

    1) What's the availability from Sprint via phone been like lately? I've managed to convince them to upgrade me from my defective 300 (I pay the difference, of course,) but they need to have the handsets in stock, which they claim they don't at the moment.

    2) What does it take to move from the 300 to the 600? Is HotSync from the 300's profile a bad idea? I can pull some stuff out of iSync, but the rest is stored in PDB's, so I'd rather not lose those.

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    I just did the same thing monday.
    funny though i talked to them monday about my 3rd defective T300 and after the trade in and rebates they gave me a T600 for only $99. and to my suprise the over nighted me one and i had it Tuesday when i came home it was on my doorstep.

    as for the upgrade. just install the new palmdesktop software that came with it. it pulls out incompatiable software.

    only problems i had was that it did not bring over my web bookmarks. maybe because it does not use blazer anymore.

    and i had treoringtones on the old T300 with some midi on it they where brought over but the sounds that where on the T600 went away?
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    Does the 600 come with an updated Palm Desktop for Mac, then?

    As for the stocking issue, I guess I'll have to call them up again today. This should be fun...

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