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    Anyone try the Shure quietspot headset before? It sounds promising. I've gone through maybe 8 "high quality" headsets and haven't found one with a good mic yet (except TheBoom, which was $150).

    Here's a review from

    A Headset Actually Made To Be Heard
    Arik Hesseldahl, 11.21.03, 10:00 AM ET

    Most mobile-phone headsets available on the market are basically impulse purchases. If there's one hanging on a display at the wireless provider's outlet and it works with the phone you own, you may buy it if you need it--without giving much thought to how well it may sound.

    Many sound okay, but could be better. Others sound horrible, like the person you're talking to is on the other end of cardboard tube taken from a discarded roll of gift-wrap paper. They can also distort the sound of what you say, making phone conversations unpleasant for both parties.

    Shure's QuietSpot headset for wireless phones

    The problem sounds like a job for Shure, the privately held Chicago-area company that, since 1925, has specialized in high-performance audio gear like microphones and earphones. This week the company started shipping its QuietSpot headset for mobile phones, and we've been using it with a Motorola (nyse: MOT - news - people ) mobile phone for a few weeks.

    If you're familiar with Shure's headphones, then you know the drill. Not only do they sound excellent, but they isolate the ear from most external noise by basically plugging the ear with soft material that both fills up the ear and helps hold the headset in securely. The result, the company says, is an earphone that blocks out 20 decibels, or about 75% of background noise.

    After several phone calls using the headset, we can honestly say we've rarely heard such quality on any wireless headset. And as the earphone puts the sound of the phone in closer contact with the ear, it almost sounds better on the headset than on the phone itself.

    Another consistent problem with headsets is fit. We've rarely liked how most headsets fit on the head or in the ear. This one combines a soft ear wrap and a snug-fitting earphone to fit securely without being uncomfortable.

    Microphones have also long been a design problem with headsets. Many let the mic droop on the cable and hang loose several inches away from the mouth. Shure instead uses an adjustable boom that lets you place it where it's most comfortable.

    Microphone technology is another thing that Shure knows better than most companies. Musicians tend to be picky about their brand of microphone, and Shure's list of celebrity endorsers is long. Shure claims the noise-canceling microphone picks up two-thirds less noise than standard omni-directional microphones. While we couldn't measure that claim precisely, in our experience no one we called complained about how we sounded to them, even when we were outdoors--an uncommon occurrence with most headsets.

    Shure has two models available, one that works with mobile phones from Nokia (nyse: NOK - news - people ) and one that works with most other brands of mobile phones, including most from Motorola, Sony Ericsson, the joint venture of Sony (nyse: SNE - news - people ) and Ericsson (nasdaq: ERICY - news - people ), Samsung, Kyocera (nyse: KYO - news - people ) and others. Both are available from Shure's Web site.
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    Do you have any connection to Shure? I have purchased items that have been boosted by company employees or friends on this site and for the most part they DO NOT deliver as advertised. Please if you are presenting this type of information it would be helpful if you identified if you were connected with the promoting company.
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    Originally posted by garyt01
    Do you have any connection to Shure? I have purchased items that have been boosted by company employees or friends on this site and for the most part they DO NOT deliver as advertised. Please if you are presenting this type of information it would be helpful if you identified if you were connected with the promoting company.
    That's a little silly.

    If you're such a skeptic you could have taken 90 seconds to search his past posts and see he posts on a variety of issues, is a T600 owner, and is like most of us on here--seeking the best gear for his particular situation.

    As to Shure, I can vouch for them being a very reputable company and well-known in the broadcast and commercial audio circles. I know from having been the purchasing manager for a broadcast supplier to radio stations nationwide (a thirty year old family business, since sold and now I work with internet technologies--my effort to reveal I am not a Shure "plant.")

    Frankly the Shure Headset does look like it might be an affordable, high quality solution--especially when compared to "The Boom." When compared to the other options out there it's rare to find high-end audio quality companies (Shure, Sennheiser, Telex, AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyer, etc...) making mobile headsets. This one seems worthy of taking a close look at.

    Disclaimer: That I know of none of my relatives work for Shure, I know no Shure employees by name, I've never done internet work for Shure, I own no Shure stock, and I'm not Shure what else I need to reveal
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    Vregan, thanks for vouching for me.

    I have no connection to Shure. Just wanted to see if anyone had used t his headset before because I went through 8 headsets with my t300 and didn't find anything with a microphone to my liking except theboom..

    I ordered the puppy and it's on it's way. Will post a review when i get it.
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    Thanks Vregan and chuhsi for your replys. Like you, I have been through many products that have dissappointed. I too have ordered the headphone in the hope that it lives up to its claims. I was about to order the Boom when I saw your post. In terms of my questioning, the last headset I ordered was the electromechanical one promoted on this board with a great review, only to find after going back in forth with the company for over three weeks (who we great) that it didn't work well with the T600. I wasted a significant amount of time on an over hyped product that failed to deliver. Again, thanks for your feed back. Let's hope this one delivers as promised.
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    I have no idea how this thing is going to work, but in Jan Etymotic is bringing out a headset based on the same principles:

    1) Isolation
    2) Directional mic.

    I use Etymotic's Isolator Canalphones and love them, so I'm sure the sound will be great. I wonder how they'll compare.

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    I posted a short review of the shure headset on a previous thread...

    essentially, I'm going to keep it. It's not as fantastic as I wanted it to be, but it's pretty good. People think I sound clearer, but softer with the shure headset than with the built-in mic on the treo. The speaker's great. The unit's very lightweight and I don't notice that I'm wearing it.
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    I too bought this headset for my Treo 600.

    Its not bad. The sound is a little tinny in my ear and people report that I've lost some of my deep pleasing tone when I talk to them. For some reason, my wife seems most annoyed with how I sound on this headset.

    But the sound is completly usuable and in my '87 Toyota 4x4, I can still hear everyone just fine and they can here me just fine too- wind noise, gear noise and all.

    I had that Plantronics noise cancelling headset with my Treo 300 and found that it was too quiet and didn't stay in my ear well and got to be uncomfortable after a while. With the Shure though, I used the expanding ear piece. Its made from the same material that those ear plugs that fit in your ear are made from. Like the ones you'd use at a loud work environment. So once you put it in your ear, it slowly seals the ear canal and isolates the ear. I like it.

    Wearing it is pretty comfortable. Its light, stable and loud. I think my only complaint would be that my wife says I sound tinny on it. In the selection of current headsets, its still the best out there.

    Be sure if you buy it from Shure's website to really look at the two different models. I almost bought the wrong one which didn't work with the Treo 600 (for some reason, I felt I still had the Treo 300 when I was shopping- duh!).

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