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    does anyone know of any good midi sites to download files i know of
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    I'm sure if you ask it a few more time in separate threads someone eventually will answer.

    Ot you might want to go to and ask the identical question.

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    also a search with "non musical midi" will help find a few more sites with decent ringers. I can't stand long songs for ringers. It seems every midi composer out there thinks we need every song for our phones.
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    Just found this one. Haven't tried the ringers yet. When searching, you might want to add "free" to the search as well.

    I like this one much better
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    heres a good christmas one!

    carol of the bells is the perfect christmas ringtone....ill prolly use it all year tho lol.
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    Treo 600 Essentials has a great assortment of MIDI ringtones downloadable directly from your Treo.

    Here's the URL for the ringtones section:
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    Just added more ringtones, to
    More coming!
    <a href="">
    One Stop, plain and simple
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    Treo 1 has TONS of midi's!
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    I don't think there is any value added to replying to posts this way.
    Looks like a valid post to a question.
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    i've downloaded a bunch tonight.
    Can one ever have TOO many ringtones? I mean, at some point, do you reach a state of saturation? I think I'm almost there...

    Download 'em right off the site.

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