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    On Sprint, when AOL 3.1 is running in the background, does the program notify you if you get an instant message? It doesnt for me and i was wondering if there was a setting that i need to change.

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    Jeff -

    Unfortunately, it does not.

    If you need notifications for IM, I would recommend Verichat (which I use because I have a large buddylist) or Chatter.

    As for e-mail, best solution is to set up AOL Mail Alerts so it sends you a message when you receive new mail (and the beginning of the e-mail) so you can then load up AOL and check. I don't leave AOL running, anyway, because it really drains the battery. Just pop in and out to check mail.

    It would be good in the future if AOL incorporated Verichat/Chatter like features for IM AND especially improved e-mail to push/pull like other apps that let you access e-mail to. Or, make the AOL mail accessible with those types of apps.

    (It would also be nice if they'd just get AOL 3.1 working again for the handhelds!)


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