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    Ok, I am at mt wits end over this issue. I have biz connect personal addition. I am not able to view most attachments including .jpegs, gifs or pdfs. I can view some work documents apparently. Some of these do work on my treo when i access through the web interface.

    Is anybody else able to view attachments within the biz connect application? If so, what applications allow you to do that?
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    You need to buy Documents to Go.
    See Handspring's website, under "Software"
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    Actually, stickman, Docs To Go has no interaction with Business Connection. BC just renders plain text via its own viewer, and won't be involved with any more-detailed file programs like Docs To Go or QuickOffice, etc.

    BP57, for your issue - with BC I can view (again, just the plain text) of PDF files, word docs, excel, powerpoint. So you list jpgs and gifs - those won't work, since they're not text. Plain text rendering is all BC can do. PDFs should work - make sure you've downloaded the reader app, which is available on the web settings page. I'm guessing you must have that already, since you state you can view other file formats.
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    OK. Thanks mistake. I'm not able to view .pdfs in Biz Connect.

    When you say "...make sure you've downloaded the reader app, which is available on the web settings page. ", which web settings page do you mean?
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    Stick -

    If you go into the web interface of BC, and click on the upper left area where it says 'settings', and then look on the next page that loads, you'll see an area to download the File View Add-On.
    (it should have loaded automatically, when you installed BC, but you can reinstall from that location).

    You get to the web setting page via right clicking on the BC icon in your systray - where all the little program icons are located, on the lower right hand portion of your PC screen. Once the program box for BC opens, then click on 'Links', and then 'Inbox'.

    Good luck!!
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    BP57 - See my post at the following link for documents supported

    Stickman - First make sure you can view any docs.. like a Word Doc. Are you getting any error message? Re-install fileview as Nrosser suggested especially if no documents work. Also if you get an error with the attachment then post that error as that will help determine the resolution path.

    If you can view a .doc for example but not the PDF then it may be unique to the PDF. The way BC works is it transforms the docs on the Desktop before sending them to the device. There have been sporadic reports of PDF's not working as they return a blank doc. I picked 5 random one on my PC and they all worked. If the document is an image then it will not transform.

    Let us know the results. There are lots of helpful people here.
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    Thanks, very much nrosser and MobileGhost.
    Acrobat (.pdf) files are the problem for me. Word documents, for instance, work fine. I just tried to open an internal .pdf as well as one from outside my company...neither opens. I got blank documents on both (though no error message).
    I'll download the application again from the website, settings section. Maybe that'll work.
    Biz Connect ain't perfect but at least I don't have to lug around a laptop.
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    Well, I re-downloaded the app from

    I'm still unable to open acrobat files. At least I can see word & excell files...
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    Stickman - check your PM as I sent you a private message on this.
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    I worked with Stickman behind the scenes and the reason why he saw blank PDF's was that the PDF was a scanned document which is treated like an image in PDF. If that PDF is an image then BC will not be able to convert it into text. This includes scanned documents. Original text documents that have been turned into PDF's, like a Word document that has gone through Distiller, should work fine however.
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    And, they do indeed work fine.

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