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    Looks like AT&T will be getting them again. When do you think handspring will start putting it up on their website officially announcing it's availability?

    Other link I posted with more info

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    So I dial in to complete me order - the one that has been pending since the 12th - but can't be submitted since there is no inventory....and the phone systems are now down!

    Heck, I can't even get a live operator - just a "due to circumstances beyond our control: message...

    The treo is a curse!
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    Here is my prediction:

    ATT will be the next to have a special for the 600 on HS website. Then it will be Tmobile.
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    I bet you are right. Interesting that the Cingular upgrade is almost expired and Att seems to rearing it's head out on this now.
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    But I wonder about how long will it take to get the official announcement from HS that it's available on AT&T... Was it available at sprint and Tmobile before HS announced it?

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