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    Using the handspring keyboard I find there are numerous bugs in the driver that cause me to stop typing and turn the keyboard driver on and off. I have version 1.0. Is there an updated version somewhere that I can download?
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    One of the bugs I noticed is that IR beaming fails if the keyboard driver is turned ON. The Treo complains that it can't load the IR library. When I turn OFF the keyboard driver, the Treo beams just fine.
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    I just downloaded v1.1. I haven't had a chance to see if it fixes some of the problems that the old v1.0 had. I saw a post where someone said that their keyboard didn't respond when in a numeric field in their contact book. I had the same problem, but I also noticed that the numeric symbol had been activated on the Treo screen when the keyboard advanced to that field. On a chance I pressed the numeric key on the Treo to unlock the numeric field. The keyboard numbers now work.

    I just tried the new driver with contacts. Same problem...same solution. When in a numeric field in contacts, unlock the numeric key when you get to a numeric field. The keyboard driver then takes over.

    Seems like Superior Communications (the writer of the driver) could fix this fairly easily...
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    Where did you get v1.1 of the driver?
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    Go to PalmOne. Click on Handspring support. Go to the "Downloads" tab on the top of the screen. Look for the portable keyboard driver. They caution that the driver is only for keyboards purchased from Handspring (mine was). The item is not labeled as being ver. 1.1, but it is.

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